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New Era of comfort living

So I am back in the room pondering “slow living” and comfort zones and peace and harmony in my life, and Worldwide eventually , and have noticed of late the influence on the clothes in store as well as fabrics in the home. For my home I prefer only accents of colour in the main living space, I like to keep that area without mental distractions and drama, unless it is art, depending the season I will enhance with the festivity ie Christmas and my mood, but daily dressing is another arena to consider,

During the lock down period, I did not once have a pyjama day, well maybe one , but I duly wore my trusty black leggings ( weather permitting) and tops and jumpers taken from the back of the wardrobe, getting the wear out of the usually overlooked items and ” shopping my wardrobe” as my Youtubers told me, rather than wasting good outfits on days inside the confines of home, I maintained a routine of dressing and a discipline of a normal day, it suited my mindset and I was fortunate to be working from home most of the time too. so I felt prepared for the virtual day in the office., from the waist up!

We had the introduction of the “dopamine dressing” in 2021 , I loved that phrase, wearing the bright colours as if we were finished with cocooning and butterflies were coming out to play, lots of wildness in colour with shoes and patterns to lift the mood, a bit out of the previous comfort zone in small doses, and a welcome aura of a positive future was imbued with this trend and it could be embraced, in whatever way you wanted to join in with the commercial trend and show your inner return was imminent.

The Pantone colours predicted for 2022 were very pretty, quite calming and soft hues, almost healing in their spectrum but a change has been noted with a retro return. Some things are never out of style there is always a hint of animal print, or boho/cowboy, but I have seen a big return in fashion and some home styles that are a complete flashback to years ago, and I  wonder why? 

I have a theory for this, and it is again a comfort zone influence, we are coming out of the loungwear we have had for the past 2 years, whatever way you looked at it the designs were for staying at home, being en trend with it or wearing what you had, but we were all lounging, and now so many more people are back to a working life in the “old” environment, covid maybe almost forgotten by most ( some masks still lurk about ) but we have another uncomfortable problem in the World, and far be it for me to embark on that chat, we are again being brought some comfort styles and is it to soothe us!!

Example, Care Bears made a return to H & M, how nostalgic, would they encourage you to feel secure again as if you were a child? either wearing them or buying them for someone! I was tempted for my daughters! and flared jeans and platforms, where did they come from !! My youth that’s where !! and for me that is where they will have to stay , I rocked that look in my early teens, fabulously, along with my high clogs. For me I will not be encouraged to feel secure by going back to that fashion, I am a bit older now and that is all it reminds me of, being older ( ok I may try them on for a giggle in store)  and it will be fun for the younger generation to get involved, it has a hint of  “Woodstock” this year , “Make Love not War “, and a Boho or Ethnic style is also encouraged we can get our ” Hippy” on and be a “Peace” supporter. It just shows that influencers are doing their best to influence when you look behind the designs now popular, do they have these motives behind them

The homewear has also been hijacked by this trend, some reminisense of Cottage style themes, traditional values, and “cosyiness” is now available, alongside no nonsense , no clutter minimalism, there really is something for everyone to get on board with, to feel at home in your own private world.

All in all, whatever it it takes to build your inner confidence for the outside World, and retain your peace and happiness within the home, just wear and design to suit your own self, there is plenty of choices out there to be had.

As long as we don’t see any alien type outfits, space suits or excessive camouflage ( which I do want in a small way as a nod to the trend) I think we are all still on the right track into 2022…..Postive thoughts only please.


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