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Introduction to Slow Living

Apart from the obvious problems of the past 2 years , and without making light of any hardships that you personally may have had or observed on the MSM as the World as a collective endured, on another level how many of us have taken the opportunity w ewere presented with to reconnect with ourselves or needed to relate on a basic level with our environment and have found ways to create a feeling of comfort, security, belonging and desire in the midst of what appeared to be the opposite of all of these experiences we have had.
I did, at first the general feeling of confusion was soon overtaken with a primitive emotion of self preservation , followed by a feeling of abandonment into the madness of it all and a mastery of bliss took over, inner peace and lack of urgency to continue with the outside World as it was…and I relaxed. The deep relaxation and calm that developed became my blanket of protection. 
This was a self indulgent period of time, while politicians made questionable decisions, I could make decisions that had a direct affect on my persona and comfort and my personal well being became my mantra.
Let us take a moment and “forget” the reasons why, as I am not here to be a spokesperson for any agenda, but instead look at what we have taken from this and will continue to use as we go into our future. 
Comfort as a priotiy can be seen everywhere in the commercial sector , fashion has taken on a an undemanding appeal in many creations, laid back, stay at home comfies has entered the designer vision to be worn outdoors, easy going and informal replaces the pyjama days that had became the norm for many.
As we return to work in offices, and a more structured code of dress may begin to creep back into our stores and wardrobe choices, the need for creature comforts and the feeling of contentment within the home and relaxation space will sustain.
Making our homes our sanctum, living in accord with nature as our attention draws toward sustainability and our moments of awareness develope into our attachement to well being from  this time , will forever draw us to a supportive way of living.

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